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Cosway Bio Protein plus


100% Plant Protein Supercharged with Enzymes Up to 60% More Bio-Available* for Faster & Better Efficacy *compared to the previous Bio-Protein

A perfect blend of low fat protein from world-renowned Solae™ soy protein isolate, NUTRALYS® pea protein isolate and rice protein to give you the perfect combination of amino acids.
Maximised bio-availability with ProHydrolase™ plant protease enzyme to:

"Digest" protein 2-3X faster Non-GMO!
Increase the bio-availability of amino acids by up to 60% more Sugar-free! Lactose-free! Cholesterol-free!
Eliminate 99% of the stomach discomfort caused by peptides or indigested protein
No animal protein, including whey. No growth hormones, no antibiotics!
Mixes well - Just add into water and shake it up in a tumbler for an extra smooth protein shake High in protein & Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Bio Protein Plus
Code: 34205     300g 

Contains Solae™ brand isolated soy protein. Solae™ and the Solae™ logo are trademarks of Solae, LLC, USA
NUTRALYS ® is a registered trademark of Roquette Frères, France
ProHydrolase™ is a trademark of Deerland Enzymes, Inc., USA
"Protein is the "building blocks" of every cell in the body. It makes up 16-20% of total body weight and is crucial for every body function!

Without sufficient protein, all other supplements - nutrients or stem enhancing products - cannot work as well."
Going on a diet? High protein diet ensures better success & results!

BCAA in protein activates sluggish metabolism to allow you to burn more fat, even without exercising. Those on a high protein diet lose 74.5% more weight compared to regular diets. Protein curbs hunger to prevent over-eating and cravings, and keeps the body toned and firm. Working out in the gym?
With protein, you recover faster from muscle fatigue or damage, and are able to train longer and more intensely. As such, protein supplement helps you when you are working out in the gym to lose weight or to build lean muscle mass.

Great skin, hair and nails
Protein is more important than any topical skincare. 1/10th of the protein in the body is found on our skin. Without sufficient building blocks, skincare products have nothing much to work with. Similarly, 88% of hair is composed of protein. Protein strengthens the hair, making it more resistant to blow drying, and chemicals from colorants and perms. When you don't get enough protein, your hair falls out or becomes thin!

Need a mental boost in school or at work?
Protein improves cognitive performance, mental function and reaction time. A study published in Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported better orientation, verbal fluency and language tests results amongst those on a high protein diet.

Need a healthier heart & blood glucose level? 
Studies published in The Journal of Nutrition reported that soy and rice protein prevents atherosclerosis. Arginine, an amino acid, improves blood "stickiness" and relaxes blood vessels to improve circulation and blood pressure. Protein also helps diabetics by reducing insulin resistance, improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

Want to remain active & mobile way into your golden years?
The elderly need protein to retain their muscle strength. Without sufficient protein, muscles weaken, making them prone to falls and fractures. Weakened back muscle support can cause nagging back pains and limit mobility!

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Cosway Bio Lecithin Granules

Smart Slimming:
10x More Effective, 10x Less Fattening*

Want A Product That Allows You To
Lose Weight & Trim Away Bulges
While Making You Smarter
And Healthier At The Same Time?

Take soy lecithin granules which contains over 97% phosphatides!

Bio Lecithin
Code: 34159    350g

• Eliminates fat bulges     • Facilitates brain cells communication
• Boosts brain power & information retrieval
    • Increases alertness
• Improves fatty liver
     • Reduces LDL cholesterol & triglycerides
• Get rid of artery-clogging plaques
    • Prevents gallbladder stones
• Reduces brownish-yellow spots on the skin
    • Removes milia seeds (fat deposits) around the eyes     • Boosts vitality & diminishes chronic tiredness

10x more effective, 10x less fattening than lecithin softgels!
If you've been popping 2 lecithin softgels daily and wondering why they don't really work for you, you may want to try a high potency lecithin granules. A mere spoonful equals over 10 huge fattening lecithin softgels!
* compared to lecithin softgel

Saves you big money on other supplements!
Lecithin improves the absorption of other supplements dramatically, which makes them much more effective. That means you can take less and still get the same results!

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